Table 1 Taxonomic list of Hymenoptera visitor species to the flowers of cotton (Gossypium hirsutum, Malvaceae) and sesame (Sesamum indicum, Pedaliaceae), their number (n) of visits and their ability to initiate fruit set. Crosses indicate the initiation of fruit set, dashes no successful pollination. Flower visitors were recorded on 300 flowers per crop species, at three sites in the south of Burkina Faso, West-Africa during the flowering season in summer 2015. Scoliidae are scoliid wasps; Apidae are long-tongued bees including honeybees, small and large carpenter bees and stingless bees; Halictidae are sweat bees and Megachilidae mason bees.

From: Bee pollination increases yield quantity and quality of cash crops in Burkina Faso, West Africa

Family Flower visitor species n visits Initiating fruit set
Apidae Amegilla acraensis 6 x
Amegilla nubica 1 x
Amegilla torrida 1
Apis mellifera 150 x
Braunsapis sp.1 2 x
Braunsapis sp.2 1 x
Braunsapis sp.3 9 x
Braunsapis sp.4 1 x
Ceratina sp.1 15 x
Ceratina sp.2 4 x
Ceratina sp.3 2 x
Hypotrigona gribodoi 11 x
Hypotrigona squamuligera 1 x
Tetralonia fraterna 59 x
Halictidae Austranomia sp.1 3 x
Acunomia ivoiriensis 1
Lasioglossum atricrus 1
Lasioglossum nairobiensis 3 x
Lasioglossum transvaalensis 2 x
Lasioglossum sp.4 1 x
Leuconomia bouyssoui 1 x
Leuconomia granulata 3 -
Macronomia armatula 1 x
Steganomus junodi 1 x
Trinomia orientalis 1
Trinomia cirrita 1
Megachilidae Scoliidae Megachile eurynero 1 x
Campsomerella pseudocollaris 5 x
Cathimeris hymenaea 4 x
Micromeriella hyalina 2 x
Lacosia lateralis 5 x
Apidae Amegilla sp.2 1
Apis mellifera 290 x
Hypotrigona gribodoi 2 x
Xylocopa ustulata 2
Megachilidae Chalicodoma mephistolica 5 x