Table 3 Room types, their definitions, and associated data. Columns denote how many of this room type were included in the dataset (N); the house levels a room type was associated with [we simplified this to be subterranean (0), ground level (1), and above ground level (2)]; and the number of houses out of 50 possible that this room type was found in. Some houses did have multiple underground rooms, which resulted in more basements than houses. We did not collect in garages, and in order to qualify as a “basement” a room had to be subterranean. We did not find any arthropods in one of the houses’ bathrooms, so those were not included in the dataset.

From: The Habitats Humans Provide: Factors affecting the diversity and composition of arthropods in houses

Room Type N Range of house levels Homes with room type
Attics 32 2 31
Basements (including finished, unfinished, & crawl spaces) 53 0 45
Bathrooms (including bathrooms & laundry rooms) 140 1–2 49
Bedrooms (including bedrooms, offices, & libraries) 159 1–2 50
Common Rooms (including living rooms, dining rooms, & attached hallways) 97 0–2 50
Kitchens (including kitchens & pantries) 50 1 50
Total 531 0–2 50