Table 1 Significant pathways of hiPSCs/HFF and hESCs/HFF.

From: Combining membrane proteomics and computational three-way pathway analysis revealed signalling pathways preferentially regulated in human iPSCs and human ESCs

Pathway hiPSCs/HFF (p-val/FDR) hESCs/HFF (p-val/FDR)
REACTOME: platelet activation signaling and aggregation DOWN 0.000/0.000 DOWN 0.000/0.000
REACTOME: hemostasis DOWN 0.000/0.002 DOWN 0.000/0.007
REACTOME: adaptive immune system DOWN 0.002/0.003 DOWN 0.002/0.002
REACTOME: immune system DOWN 0.000/0.003 DOWN 0.002/0.006
KEGG: regulation of actin cytoskeleton DOWN 0.000/0.000 DOWN 0.000/0.000
KEGG: focal adhesion DOWN 0.000/0.000 DOWN 0.000/0.001
KEGG: leukocyte transendothelial migration DOWN 0.101/0.132 DOWN 0.060/0.088
REACTOME: axon guidance DOWN 0.000/0.004 DOWN 0.000/0.010
REACTOME: developmental biology DOWN 0.002/0.003 DOWN 0.002/0.009
REACTOME: TCA cycle and respiratory electron transport UP 0.000/0.004 UP 0.000/0.001
KEGG: oxidative phosphorylation UP 0.000/0.001 UP 0.000/0.000
KEGG: Alzheimer’s disease UP 0.159/0.196 UP 0.084/0.074
KEGG: Huntington’s disease UP 0.000/0.001 UP 0.000/0.000
KEGG: tight junction DOWN 0.222/0.214 N/A—
REACTOME: respiratory electron transport ATP synthesis by chemiosmotic coupling and heat production by uncoupling proteins UP 0.000/0.003 N/A—
KEGG: Parkinson’s disease UP 0.000/0.001 N/A—
REACTOME: post-translational protein modification UP 0.004/0.020 N/A 0.224/0.601
REACTOME: metabolism of proteins UP 0.002/0.039 N/A 0.088/0.694
REACTOME: asparagine N-linked glycosylation UP 0.105/0.204 N/A 0.534/0.626
  1. UP: up-regulation; DOWN: down-regulation; N/A: not applicable; hiPSCs: human induced pluripotent stem cells; hESCs: human embryonic stem cells; HFF: human foreskin fibroblast; p-val: p-value; FDR: false discovery rate; —: not in GSEA.