Table 5 Sample overview.

From: Short-term effects of non-grazing on plants, soil biota and aboveground-belowground links in Atlantic mountain grasslands

Site Location Parent material Habitat code* Pasture production** Replicates***
Oderiaga Mountain Siliceous 6230a (species-rich Nardus grasslands, subtype a) 9.2 4
Usotegieta Mountain Siliceous 6230c (species-rich Nardus grasslands, subtype c) 6.0 4
Arimegorta Mountain Calcareous 6170 (Alpine and subalpine calcareous grasslands) 9.5 4
Ipiñaburu-Urigoiti Valley Calcareous-Siliceous - 16.5 4
  1. *According to the European Commission Habitats Directive54.
  2. **Average t ha−1 per year.
  3. ***Number of 10 × 10 m permanent exclosures and corresponding grazed controls established.