Table 2 Information of primary antibodies used in the study.

From: Regulatory Compliant Tissue-Engineered Human Corneal Endothelial Grafts Restore Corneal Function of Rabbits with Bullous Keratopathy

Antibody (Clone) Company (Catalog Number) Fixative Concentration
Na+/K+-ATPase (0.T.1) Santa Cruz (sc-71638) 100% Ethanol 5 minutes, 4 °C 5 µg/mL
ZO-1 (1/ZO-1) BD Pharmingen (610966) 100% Ethanol 5 minutes, 4 °C 5 µg/mL
CD-166 (TAG-1A3) In-house29 100% Ethanol 5 minutes, 4 °C Supernatant
PRDX-6 (TAG-2A12) In-house29 Fix and Perm (Medium A) 15 minutes, room temp. Supernatant
Human Nuclei (235-1) Merck (Chemicon) (MAB1281) 4% Paraformaldehyde 10 minutes, 4 °C 1:100 dilution
  1. The three commercially available primary antibodies used in this study, Na+/K+-ATPase, ZO-1 and Human Nuclei are listed here by their clone name, the company of which the primary antibody was purchased from, with their respective catalog numbers. Both CD-166 (TAG-1A3) and PRDX-6 (TAG-2A12) are generated in-house as described29. The different methods of fixation and concentration used were optimized for the staining of primary human CEnCs.