Table 1 Comparison of STM Image Measurements and Adsorption Model Unit Cells.

From: Ullmann Coupling Reactions on Ag(111) and Ag(110); Substrate Influence on the Formation of Covalently Coupled Products and Intermediate Metal-Organic Structures

  experimental dataa adsorption modelb
zigzag period (Å) inter-row separation (Å) zigzag period (Å) inter-row separation (Å)
Ag(111) \(26.0\pm 0.7\) \(11.8\pm 0.7\) \(25.2\) \(11.7\)
Ag(110) \(27.9\pm 0.4\) \(11.6\pm 0.4\) \(27.1\) \(12.2\)
annealed Ag(111) \(22.8\pm 0.5\) \(12.0\pm 0.5\) \(23.1\) \(10.9\)
annealed Ag(110) \(22.3\pm 0.5\) \(11.5\pm 0.5\) \(22.8\) \(12.2\)
  1. aValues for zigzag dimensions are based on repetitions seen in structures in the STM images.
  2. bAdsorption model distances are calculated based on the unit cells of the silver lattice and molecular overlayer.