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Figure 3

From: The equivalent internal orientation and position noise for contour integration

Figure 3

Thresholds (d′ = 1) for detecting contours perturbed by the three types of noise shown in Fig. 2. For individual observers the standard errors are calculated over the bootstrap samples. For the mean, standard error is calculated over the observers. Parameters of the LAM fits shown in panels (a,b) are provided in Tables 1 and 2. The triangles on the x-axis indicate the equivalent internal noise \({\sigma }_{{\rm{int}}}\). The grey line indicates the efficiency of the ideal observer. In panel (c) a horizontal line is fit to the two data points (0% and 28% contrast noise) to demonstrate that there is no difference between the thresholds.

Table 1 Parameters of the LAM fits to the orientation noise data shown in Fig. 3a.
Table 2 Parameters of the LAM fits to the position noise data shown in Fig. 3b. For further details see Table 1. In linear units, the mean equivalent internal noise is 3.0 arcmin. The efficiency is 21% of the ideal observer.

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