Table 1 Summary of investigations conducted in Real-Time RT-PCR IDV positive farms.

From: Influenza D in Italy: towards a better understanding of an emerging viral infection in swine

Herd Farm/pigs type IDV isolation Clinical signs Sample IDV/PCR APP PCV2 PRRS IAV
A Fattening/weaned No none oral fluids + nd +
B Farrow to finish/sow D/swine/Italy/199724-3/2015 fever and abortion in sows nasal swabs + nd +
C Farrow to finish/weaned No D/swine/Italy/254578/2015* respiratory disease nasal swabs + nd + + +
D Fattening/growing pigs D/swine/Italy/173287/2016 respiratory disease nasal swabs and lungs + + +
E Fattening/weaned No respiratory disease nasal swabs + nd +
F Fattening/weaned No mortality lungs +
G Farrow to finish/weaned No acute respiratory disease lungs + +
H Farrow to finish/weaned No none oral fluids + nd +
I Breeding gilts/gilts D/swine/Italy/354017/2015 none oral fluids +
  1. *Sequence obtained from clinical sample.