Table 2 Consistently differentially expressed miRNAs across all expression profiles.

From: Systematic review and meta-analysis of differentially expressed miRNAs in experimental and human temporal lobe epilepsy

up-regulated down-regulated
prefix miRNA p-value prefix miRNA p-value
h,r,m 132–3p 2.5E-07 h,m 302b-5p 1.6E-02
h,r,m 21-5p 1.4E-05    
h,r,m 21-3p 1.5E-03    
h,r,m 212-3p 2.4E-03    
m 2137 3.9E-03    
h,r,m 711 1.5E-02    
m 882 2.7E-02    
h,r,m 142-5p 3.4E-02    
h,r,m 212-3p 2.4E-06 h,r,m 139-5p 7.7E-06
h,r,m 21-5p 1.9E-05 h,r,m 551b-3p 2.6E-03
h,r,m 132-3p 4.4E-04 h,r,m 33-5p 5.1E-03
h,r,m 20a-5p 5.5E-03 h,r,m 708-5p 6.9E-03
h,r,m 17-5p 8.5E-03 h,r,m 7a-5p 1.2E-02
h,r,m 27a-3p 1.2E-02 h,r,m 935 1.2E-02
h,r,m 23a-3p 2.7E-02 h,r,m 138-5p 1.3E-02
h,r,m 146a-5p 2.8E-02 h,r,m 187-3p 1.4E-02
    h,r,m 30e-3p 2.7E-02
    h,r,m 222-3p 2.8E-02
h,r,m 146a-5p 6.9E-08 h,r,m 551b-3p 5.6E-03
h,r,m 23a-3p 1.5E-04    
h,r,m 135b-5p 4.4E-04    
h,r,m 21-5p 1.7E-03    
h,r,m 132-5p 1.5E-02    
h,r,m 132-3p 3.1E-02    
h,r,m 210-3p 4.1E-02    
h,r,m 212-5p 4.8E-02    
  1. The miRNAs reported as differentially expressed were subjected to the RRA analysis; the RRA output for miRNAs at the acute, latent and chronic stages post-SE. The analysis was done including only the miRNA signatures found in more than one study. Prefixes are abbreviated as follows: h-hsa, r-rno, m-mmu; p-value <0.05.