Table 3 Summary of directional changes in endothelial mediators in acetylcholine-induced relaxation in SHR aorta: effect of treatments.

From: Metformin Improves Endothelial Function and Reduces Blood Pressure in Diabetic Spontaneously Hypertensive Rats Independent from Glycemia Control: Comparison to Vildagliptin

Effect of treatment in Total relaxation PGs (sensitive to INDO) NO (sensitive to LNMMA) EDHF (INDO + LNMMA resistant)
  vildagliptin ↑↑ ↑↑ ≈↑
  metformin ↑↑ ≈↓ ↑↑ ↑↑
  vildagliptin ≈↓ ≈↓ ↑↑
  metformin ↑↑ ↑↑
  1. Symbols indicate directional changes induced by treatments compared to untreated SHR and untreated STZ-SHR. Double symbols ↓↓ and ↑↑ indicate a significant decrease and increase, respectively.