Table 1 Association signals for CAD within 200 kb of genes reported for coxib/gene product interactions.

From: A genomic exploration identifies mechanisms that may explain adverse cardiovascular effects of COX-2 inhibitors

Gene Lead SNP CAD risk allele Frequency risk allele OR risk allele P-value P-value combined analysis Relationship of coxib to gene/gene product* Regulatory effect (Histone marks)
BCAR1 rs4888383 T 0.57 1.05 7.99*10−08 2.98*10−08 inhibition Promoter/Enhancer
MMP9 rs7270354 A 0.15 1.06 6.75*10−08 3.34*10−08 decreased expression Promoter/Enhancer
VEGFA rs6905288 A 0.60 1.04 7.44*10−07 8.86*10−07 decreased expression Enhancer
CACNA1E rs556321 C 0.16 1.05 8.26*10−06 8.85*10−06 inhibition Promoter/Enhancer
  1. For each gene, the lead SNP is shown. The regulatory effects were annotated using Haploreg25.