Table 1 Anodic Oxidation Conditions for Porous Samples a, b, c, and d.

From: White Light Emission from Fluorescent SiC with Porous Surface

Samples Sub. types Dopants Anodic etching duration Oxidant Porous thickness
a Commercial 6H-SiC substrate (SiC-Sub) N(background doping level) 960 min 0 mol/L 13 µm
b Fluorescent 6H-SiC B, N 960 min 0.015 mol/L 21.4 µm
c Fluorescent 6H-SiC B, N 200 min 0.015 mol/L 4.6 µm
d Fluorescent 6H-SiC B, N 500 min 0.015 mol/L 10 µm