Table 2 Difference in parameters between ARTISAN® and ARTIFLEX® pIOLs: The most notable point is the difference of transmission of VL, 360–400 nm wavelength between the two lenses.

From: Violet Light Transmission is Related to Myopia Progression in Adult High Myopia

Spectral transmission VL blocked Not VL blocked
Incision size during operation (mm) 6.5 3.2
Refractive index 1.49 1.43
Lens material of optical zone Polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA) Silicone
Spherical aberration (Z4 0) Lower than ARTISAN®*
  1. *Spherical aberration (Z4 0) is not measured by the manufacturer, but based on the ref.30. pIOL, phakic intraocular lens. VL, violet light.