Table 1 P-values for proteins which show significant differences at the p < 0.05 level with the LSD Test.

From: Protein expression changes caused by spaceflight as measured for 18 Russian cosmonauts

Protein Time-points Compared
L-30 vs R + 1 L-30 vs R + 7 R + 1 vs R + 7
78 kDa glucose-regulated protein 0.016231-Dec ns ns
Alpha-2-antiplasmin 0.032056-Dec ns ns
Apolipoprotein A-I 0.005682-Dec 0.029907-Dec ns
Apolipoprotein A-II 0.049591-Dec ns 0.003260-Inc
Apolipoprotein C-I 0.048209-Dec ns ns
Beta-2-glycoprotein 1 0.028184-Dec ns 0.002013-Inc
CD5 antigen-like 0.010158-Dec ns 0.045895-Inc
Complement factor D 0.017977-Dec ns ns
Extracellular matrix protein 1 0.022876-Dec ns ns
Fetuin-B ns 0.011128-Dec 0.000363-Inc
Fibrinogen beta chain 0.00032-Dec ns 0.018719-Inc
Gelsolin ns 0.016365-Dec 0.041981-Dec
Insulin-like growth factor-binding protein 3 0.017826-Dec ns 0.002810-Inc
Insulin-like growth factor-binding protein complex acid labile subunit ns 0.010068-Dec ns
Kallistatin ns ns 0.014792-Inc
Lumican ns 0.044139-Inc ns
mRNA for apolipoprotein E 0.012596-Inc ns 0.043471-Dec
Phospholipid transfer protein 0.016353-Dec 0.025245-Dec ns
Protein AMBP ns 0.045234-Dec ns
  1. Notes to table: L-30–30 days prior to launch; R + 1 – the 1st day after landing; R + 7 – the 7th day after landing; Inc – increased level; Dec – decreased level; ns – no significant difference.