Table 3 Adjusted relative risks and 95% confidence intervals for the associations between Hendra virus spillover incidents and each landscape feature.

From: The impact of human population pressure on flying fox niches and the potential consequences for Hendra virus spillover

Landscape factor Relative Risk 95% C.I.
2000–2015 Ecological niche of Pteropus alecto and P. conspicillatus (%) 74.1 23.7–231.9
Human footprint (%) 1.04 1.03–1.05
Maximum green vegetation fraction loss (%) 0.81 0.65–1.02
Proximity to woodland savanna (100 m) 1.63 1.13–2.34
  1. These measures of association are derived from an inhomogeneous Poisson model of the point process of spillovers wherein each landscape factor is adjusted for all others.