Table 4 Expression changes upon coffee exposure of genes identified using the DECA algorithm in AhR and Nrf2 pathways.

From: Use of Microarray Datasets to generate Caco-2-dedicated Networks and to identify Reporter Genes of Specific Pathway Activity

Gene Name Pathway Type Significant change in expression (Fold Change more than ± 1.5)
CYP1A1 AhR Seed Genes Yes
TIPARP AhR Seed Genes N/A
ATP9A AhR Predicted No
UGCG AhR Predicted Yes
CHMP1B AhR Predicted Yes
EREG AhR Predicted Yes
RND3 AhR Predicted Yes
SQSTM1 Nrf2 Seed Genes Yes
HMOX1 Nrf2 Seed Genes N/A
NQO1 Nrf2 Seed Genes N/A
BAG3 Nrf2 Predicted No *
SOX9 Nrf2 Predicted Yes *^
TXNRD Nrf2 Predicted Yes
GCLM Nrf2 Predicted Yes
KCTD5 Nrf2 Predicted Yes *^