Table 2 Testa thickness measurements on modern horsegram specimens, sectioned and measured under SEM, giving the range of testa thicknesses around the perimeter of a single seed.

From: Seed coat thinning during horsegram (Macrotyloma uniflorum) domestication documented through synchrotron tomography of archaeological seeds

  India: Dharwad Market India: Bellary Market South Africa: PI 364789 01 SD Pakistan: PI 365425 01 SD India: PI 1962290
AVG 45.584 41.627 49.791 42.122 48.713
STDEV 10.395 3.023 11.719 4.084 3.952
MEDIAN 44.7 41.3 48.95 42.3 48.5
  1. The data is presented as mean, standard deviation, and median. Accessions with PI numbers were obtained as germplasm samples from USDA. (For additional individual measurements see Table S1 in data supplement).