Table 1 Curve-fitting for the Island Species-Area Relationship (ISAR), based on the Arrhenius’ power function, calculated for plant species richness values of the Tuscan Archipelago islands (n = 16).

From: Plant recording across two centuries reveals dramatic changes in species diversity of a Mediterranean archipelago

Group of speciesYearModel fitting and parameters
czAchieved convergence toleranceF
Native plants 1830–1950252.2***0.296***2.00E-00694364.8
Alien plants 1830–19508.5***0.332***4.17E-006397.1
Annual herbaceous plants 1830–1950136.9***0.257***3.48E-00627054.8
Perennial herbaceous plants 1830–195078.8***0.359***8.72E-00617591.0
Woody plants 1830–195043.2***0.296***1.61E-0064010.6
  1. Parameters (c and z) of the ISAR models are shown as well as the achieved convergence tolerance and F-value. Separate models were calculated for different groups of species based on their origin (native and alien) and functional types (annual herbaceous, perennial herbaceous, and woody) and for each study period. Significance codes: ***p < 0.001; **p < 0.01; *p < 0.05.