Table 1 Concentration of trace gases used for atmospheric correction.

From: Mapping Refrigerant Gases in the New York City Skyline

Compound Concentration (g/cm2.m)
F11 2.93E-11
F12 5.03E-11
CCL3F 2.10E-19
CF4 2.10E-19
F22 1.26E-11
F113 3.98E-12
F114 2.51E-12
R115 2.10E-19
CLONO2 1.21E-12
HNO4 9.10E-14
CHCL2F 2.10E-19
CCL4 2.72E-11
N2O5 5.08E-17
CO 3.14E-08
CH4 3.56E-07
N2O 6.71E-08
O2 4.38E-02
NH3 1.05E-10
NO 6.29E-11
NO2 4.82E-12
SO2 6.29E-11
HNO3 1.05E-11