Table 4 Number of participants and neurofeedback training sessions, along with the targeted process and brain area.

From: The DecNef collection, fMRI data from closed-loop decoded neurofeedback experiments

  # participants # neurofeedback sessions Target of training
Study 1 24 3 face preference in cingulate cortex
Study 2 12 3 red colour in early visual cortex
Study 3 9 (17) 3 red/green colour in early visual cortex
Study 4 10 4 (2 x training direction) high/low confidence in inferior parietal and dorsolateral prefrontal cortex
Study 5 12 (17) 5 specific animal representation in ventral temporal cortex
  1. For Study 3 and 5, consent for data sharing was acquired only from a subgroup of participants. We report the number of participants for both the subgroup and the original group, the latter in brackets.