Table 3 Data files associated with the DynaRev experiment available from

From: High-resolution, large-scale laboratory measurements of a sandy beach and dynamic cobble berm revetment

Filename Data description Instruments (ref. Table 1)
DynaRev_TestProgram.xlsx Complete list of test cases
DynaRev_Profiles.mat Beach profiles measured after each run (x,z) Mechanical profiler Wave paddle driver files in ascii format Wave paddle
DynaRev_DAQ.mat Timeseries data collected by the central data acquisition system:
• Wave gauges - surface elevation, η (m)
• ADVs – flow velocity, u, v, w (ms−1)
• PTs – pressure, P (kPa)
• Paddle stroke (m)
WG1 to 8, WGADV1
Measured wave paddle stroke
DynaRev_SurfZone.mat Timeseries data from the surf zone rigs:
• PTs – pressure, P (kPa)
• EMCMs – flow velocity, u, v (ms−1)
• OBS – sediment concentration, C (gL−1)
PT1, PT2, PT3
OBS1 to OBS 4
EM1 to EM4
DynaRev_Lidar_<Phase><WL increment>-<Run No. >.mat Timeseries x, z data from the combined Lidar array in.mat format. The data for each run is stored in a separate file, e.g. “DynaRev_Lidar_SB1–5.mat” contains the data for Phase SB, WL 1 (zwl = 4.6 m), Run 1. LID1, LID2, LID3
DynaRev_TimeStack.mat Image timestack of swash zone CAM
DynaRev_RFID.xlsx Table containing instrumented cobble positions RFID Point cloud data (x,y,z (m))from 11 3D Lidar scans of the morphology in “.xyz” format FARO
DynaRev_Lib Scripts for post-processing raw instrument data