Table 1 List of technical products considered in this study.

From: Estimation of waste outflows for multiple product types in China from 2010–2050

Type Product Type Product
EEE Refrigerator (RF) Vehicle Private passenger vehicle (PPV)
Washing machine (WM) Civil passenger vehicle (CPV)
Air conditioner (AC) New-registration passenger vehicle (NRPV)
Television (TV) Private cargo truck (PCT)
Desktop personal computer (DPC) Civil cargo truck (CCT)
Laptop personal computer (LPC) New-registration cargo truck (NRCT)
Mobile phone (MP) Car- Capacity ≤ 1 L
Camera Car- Capacity: 1–1.6 L
Digital camera (DC) Car- Capacity ≥ 1.6 L
Single-machine telephone (SMT) Refit vehicle (RV)
Fax machine (FM) Electric vehicle (EV)
Copier Motorcycle (MC)
Printer Tractor
Monitor Bicycle
Range hood (RH) Wiring & cable Power cable
Electric water-heater (EWH) Telecommunication cable
Gas water-heater (GWH) Electromagnetic wire