Table 2 Sectoral details.

From: Japan prefectural emission accounts and socioeconomic data 2007 to 2015

No. Sector name
1 Agriculture, Forestry and Fishery
2 Mining, Quarrying of Stone and Gravel
3 Construction Work Industry
4 Manufacture of Food, Beverages, Tobacco and Feed
5 Manufacture of Textile Mill Products
6 Manufacture of Pulp, Paper and Paper Products
7 Printing and Allied Industries
8 Manufacture of Chemical and Allied Products, Oil and Coal Products Manufacture of Plastic Products, Rubber Products and Leather Products
9 Manufacture of Ceramic, Stone and Clay Products
10 Manufacture of Iron and Steel
11 Manufacture of Machinery
12 Manufacture of Lumber, Wood Products, Furniture and Fixtures Miscellaneous Manufacturing Industry
13 Electricity, Gas, Heat Supply and Water
14 Information and Communications
15 Transportation and Postal Activities
16 Wholesale and Retail Trade
17 Finance and Insurance
18 Real Estate and Goods Rental and Leasing
19 Scientific Research, Professional and Technical Services
20 Accommodations, Eating and Drinking Services
21 Education, Learning Support
22 Medical, Health Care and Welfare
23 Living Related and Personal Services and Amusement Services Compound Services Miscellaneous Services
24 Government
25 Residential
26 Non-Energy