Table 2 Description of the dataset as per the questionnaire. The questionnaire generated six themes: Socio-economic factors (SEC), Access to infrastructure (INF), Wealth information (WEI), Plot specific information (PLI), Agricultural practices and activities (AGRA), and Access to external support services (ESS).

From: Survey data on factors that constrain the adoption of soil carbon enhancing technologies in Ethiopia

Variable Theme Description Duration Considered
Demographic SEC Gender, age, education level, marital status and occupation of the household members 12 months
Infrastructure INF Distance in walking minutes to an all-weather motorable road, winter motorable road, asphalt road, nearest rural market, nearest town market, electricity, health post, and health center. Current
Wealth Index WEI Likelihood of a family unit not being poor as guided by 10 questions. Current
Plot specific Information PLI Indicates the plot size, tenure system, if its irrigated, type of crop, previous crop, residue use, manager of the plot, the distance of the plot from the homestead, their slope, soil type and farmers perception towards their soil fertility, use of inputs and soil erosion Current
SLMP AGRA Soil management practice implemented in each plot, period, the purpose of adoption and challenges associated with each practice Current
Crop Yield AGRA Crops that are grown by the farmers and their yield in the last 2 year The last 2 season
Crop Market Participation AGRA Crop produce sold by farmers, the quantity and the revenue received Last 12 months*
Input AGRA Indicates if farmers used inorganic or organic fertilizers, the amount used, source and price per unit if purchased Last Season
Labour AGRA Labour sources for the farming activities The last 2 season
Livestock AGRA Indicates the number of livestock owned Last 12 months
Livestock Market Participation AGRA Indicates how many animals were sold in the past 12 months and the price per animals. Last 12 months
Social Capital ESS If the farmers belonged to any farmer group or organization the type of the group, membership fee and their main role in the group. Last 12 months
Access to Credit ESS If any household member acquired a loan, type of the loan, amount received and purpose of the credit Last 12 months
Access to Extension ESS If farmers accessed extension advice or training, source, kind of extension, application on-farm and the usefulness of the information acquired Last 12 months
Sources of Income WEI The different source of income that the household has Last 12 months
  1. *The survey was conducted in September 2018 which is the first month of the Ethiopian Calendar (Meskerem) and the end of the second season of the year.