Table 1 LEMIS metadata showing data fields and field descriptions for all variables appearing in the cleaned dataset.

From: United States wildlife and wildlife product imports from 2000–2014

control_numberShipment ID number
species_codeUSFWS code for the wildlife product
taxaUSFWS-derived broad taxonomic categorization
classEHA-derived class-level taxonomic designation
genusGenus (or higher-level taxonomic name) of the wildlife product
speciesSpecies of the wildlife product
subspeciesSubspecies of the wildlife product
specific_nameA specific common name for the wildlife product
generic_nameA general common name for the wildlife product
descriptionType/form of the wildlife product
quantityNumeric quantity of the wildlife product
unitUnit for the numeric quantity
valueReported value of the wildlife product in US dollars
country_originCode for the country of origin of the wildlife product
country_imp_expCode for the country to/from which the wildlife product is shipped
purposeThe reason the wildlife product is being imported
sourceThe type of source within the origin country (e.g., wild, bred)
actionAction taken by USFWS on import ((C)leared/(R)efused)
dispositionFate of the import
disposition_dateFull date when disposition occurred
disposition_yearYear when disposition occurred (derived from ‘disposition_date’)
shipment_dateFull date when the shipment arrived
shipment_yearYear when the shipment arrived (derived from ‘shipment_date’)
import_exportWhether the shipment is an (I)mport or (E)xport
portPort or region of shipment entry
us_coUS party of the shipment
foreign_coForeign party of the shipment
cleaning_notesNotes generated during data cleaning
  1. EHA = EcoHealth Alliance, USFWS = United States Fish and Wildlife Service.