Table 3 Names and descriptions of MFRED files (Data Citation 1).

From: MFRED, 10 second interval real and reactive power for groups of 390 US apartments of varying size and vintage

Period Resolution Name of csv file File size (compressed) Number of rows in csv file** Avg. fraction of apts. reporting per time step
2019Q1 15-min n/a n/a 8,636 100%*
10-sec MFRED_Agg_10s_2019Q1.csv 514MB (171MB) 777,240 99.9998%
2019Q2 15-min n/a n/a 8,736 100%*
10-sec MFRED_Agg_10s_2019Q2.csv 530MB (173MB) 786,240 99.9999%
2019Q3 15-min n/a n/a 8,832 99.9512%
10-sec MFRED_Agg_10s_2019Q3.csv 537MB (180MB) 794,880 99.9515%
2019Q4 15-min n/a n/a 8,836 100%*
10-sec MFRED_Agg_10s_2019Q4.csv 550MB (177MB) 795,240 99.9995%
2019Q1-Q4 15-min MFRED_Agg_15m_Q2019Q1-4.csv 24MB (9MB) 35,040 99.9878%
10-sec n/a n/a 3,153,600 99.9877%
  1. The “reporting per time step” metric is explained in section Technical validation/Data gaps.
  2. * Indicates files with complete coverage (all 390 apartment meters reporting at every 15-min time step).
  3. ** All files contain one row for every 15 min [10 sec] time step during the covered time period.