Table 1 Brief descriptions of selected public health and social measures (PHSM) captured in the Health Intervention Tracking for COVID-19 (HIT-COVID) database.

From: HIT-COVID, a global database tracking public health interventions to COVID-19

Domain Interventions Details
Restrictions of travel and movement Border closures Control of population movement into the administrative unit
Limiting movement within administrative unit borders Closures of towns, cities, and roads, effectively limiting movement within an administrative unit
Household confinement Restricting individuals to their place of residence, including curfews, except when fulfilling essential needs
Social and physical distancing measures Closures of public institutions and public areas Closures of schools, offices, transportation, and public spaces such as parks
Closures of non-public institutions and areas Closures of office, leisure, entertainment, religious venues, restaurants, retail stores, nursing homes, and long-term care facilities
Limiting gatherings Limits on the size of social gatherings
Surveillance and response measures Symptom screening at borders Implementation of symptom screening upon arrival at an administrative unit
Testing individuals Testing individuals based on pre-specified symptom criteria for the presence of SARS-CoV-2
Testing individuals irrespective of symptoms
Contact tracing Tracing and monitoring contacts of identified cases
Quarantine and home-isolation Separating and restricting movements of individuals who may have been exposed (quarantine) or have symptoms and/or confirmed infection (isolation)
Other measures Military and police deployment Deployment of military and/or police to enforce COVID-19 related rules and restrictions
State of emergency State of emergency declarations which endow governments with additional powers to enforce policies
Mandated face mask use Requirements for the general population to wear a facemask in public