Table 2 List of variables and their descriptions in the ASAR WM sea state NetCDF product.

From: A global sea state dataset from spaceborne synthetic aperture radar wave mode data

No. Variables Description
1 time Acquisition time of the ASAR imagettes. Seconds since 2000–01–01 00:00:00 UTC
2 latitude Latitude of ASAR imagette center
3 longitude Longitude of ASAR imagette center
4 heading Flight direction of the satellite (clockwise relative to north)
5 inci_angle Local incidence angle of ASAR imagette center
6 land_flag 0B for ocean area
1B for land area
7 homogeneity Homogeneity of ASAR imagettes
8 normalized_variance Normalized variance of ASAR imagettes
9 rejection_flag The records flagged 0B are acceptable ASAR imagettes for retrieval
1B for a “bad_record”
2B for “land”
3B for “inhomogeneous ASAR imagettes”
4B for “ASAR imagettes in HH polarization”
5B for “ASAR imagettes with an incidence angle not equal to 23°”
6B for “ASAR imagettes in polar regions, i.e. beyond 70°N or 65°S”
10 qc_flag 0B for a good record
1B for a suspect record
2B for a bad record
11 swh Retrieved SWH of ASAR imagettes
12 mwp Retrieved zero-upcrossing wave period of ASAR imagettes
13 swh_cali Calibrated SWH
14 mwp_cali Calibrated zero-upcrossing MWP