Online-only Table 1 Cleaned fields and their definitions.The cleaned fields are named and defined according to existing standards.

From: Eyasi Plateau Paleontological Expedition, Laetoli, Tanzania, fossil specimen database 1998–2005

  Field Name Standard Term
1 catalog_number dwc:catalogNumber
2 institution_code dwc:institutionCode
3 collection_code dwc:collectionCode
4 occurrence_remarks dwc:occurrenceRemarks
5 event_date dwc:eventDate
6 basis_of_record dwc:basisOfRecord
7 part_of_organism abc:PartOfOrganism
8 organism_quantity dwc:organismQuantity
9 organism_quantity_type dwc:organismQuantityType
10 country dwc:country
11 locality dwc:locality
12 bed dwc:bed
13 minimum_chronometric_age dwc:minimumChronometricAge
14 minimum_chronomietric_age_reference_system dwc:minimumChronometricAgeReferenceSystem
15 maximum_chronometric_age dwc:maximumChronometricAge
16 maximum_chronometric_age_reference_system dwc:maximumChronometricAgeReferenceSystem
17 chronometric_age_uncertainty_in_years dwc:chronometricAgeUncertaintyInYears
18 kingdom dwc:kingdom
19 phylum dwc:phylum
20 subphylum See comments for definition
21 class dwc:class
22 order dwc:order
23 family dwc:family
24 tribe See comments for definition
25 genus dwc:genus
26 specific_epithet dwc:specificEpithet
27 scientific_name dwc:scientificName
28 identification_qualifier dwc:identificationQualifier
29 taxon_rank dwc:taxonRank
30 taxon_remarks dwc:taxonRemarks
31 problem_remarks See comments for definition
  1. The abbreviations prefixing each term indicate the standard and its namespace. For these terms, the URIs also serve as URLs, so definitions can be found by following the links for each term, e.g. the definition for catalog_number is available at dwc:catalogNumber = The field names are presented in snake_case while the standard terms are presented in their original format (e.g. camelCase).