Table 3 List of crop maps in the PEST-CHEMGRIDS release.

From: PEST-CHEMGRIDS, global gridded maps of the top 20 crop-specific pesticide application rates from 2015 to 2025

Crop class Crop name Fraction of total crop surface area
Dominant Corn 0.04
Soyabean 0.02
Wheat 0.05
Cotton 0.01
Rice 0.03
Alfalfa 0.01
Aggregated Vegetables and fruits (VegFru) 0.04
Orchards and grapes (OrcGra) 0.02
Pastures and hays (PasHay) 0.68
Other (Other) 0.1
  1. Dominant and aggregated crops used in PEST-CHEMGRIDS defined by the crops in Table 2, column “PEST-CHEMGRIDS”, are corrected by the total surface area available in a grid cell. The original disaggregates crop layers are available in28. The PEST-CHEMGRIDS crop maps listed here are distributed in files equally stored in Portable Network Graphics (.PNG), Tagged Image File Format (.TIFF/.TIF), and NetCDF4 (.NC) formats in25,26.