Table 1 The 17 selected clinical variables. The second column shows the source table(s) of a variable from MIMIC-III database. The third column lists the “normal” values we used in our baselines during the imputation step, and the fourth column describes how our LSTM-based baselines treat the variables.

From: Multitask learning and benchmarking with clinical time series data

Variable MIMIC-III table Impute value Modeled as
Capillary refill rate chartevents 0.0 categorical
Diastolic blood pressure chartevents 59.0 continuous
Fraction inspired oxygen chartevents 0.21 continuous
Glascow coma scale eye opening chartevents 4 spontaneously categorical
Glascow coma scale motor response chartevents 6 obeys commands categorical
Glascow coma scale total chartevents 15 categorical
Glascow coma scale verbal response chartevents 5 oriented categorical
Glucose chartevents, labevents 128.0 continuous
Heart Rate chartevents 86 continuous
Height chartevents 170.0 continuous
Mean blood pressure chartevents 77.0 continuous
Oxygen saturation chartevents, labevents 98.0 continuous
Respiratory rate chartevents 19 continuous
Systolic blood pressure chartevents 118.0 continuous
Temperature chartevents 36.6 continuous
Weight chartevents 81.0 continuous
pH chartevents, labevents 7.4 continuous