Online-only Table 1 Overview of original sources digitized and integrated in the Kenya-Belgium data collection.

From: Biodiversity data rescue in the framework of a long-term Kenya-Belgium cooperation in marine sciences

Author (publication date) Source type Data type
Aernaudts, H. (1990) MSc Thesis Biota
Anyango, C. (2000) MSc Thesis Biota/abiota
Bollen, A. (1993) MSc Thesis Biota/abiota
Boone, A. (1996) MSc Thesis Biota
Cattaert, S. (1997) Thesis Biota
De Bont, R. (1999) Thesis Biota
De Pauw, K. (1990) MSc Thesis Biota/abiota
De Schryver, T. (1990) MSc Thesis Biota/abiota
De Smet, I. (2000) MSc Thesis Biota
De Troch, M. (1995) MSc Thesis Biota
De Wit, M. (1988) Ir Thesis Biota/abiota
Demeulenaere, B. (1989) BSc Thesis Biota
Demeulenaere, B. (1991) MSc Thesis Biota
Dethier, K. (1997) Thesis Biota
Gallin, E. (1988) Ir Thesis Biota
Garcia de Camargo, M. (1995) MSc Thesis Biota/abiota
Geerinckx, T. (2002) MSc Thesis Biota
Gillikin, D.P. (2000) MSc Thesis Biota/abiota
Gurdebeke, S. (1998) MSc Thesis Biota/abiota
Humphreys, W.F. (1981) Report Biota
Joseck, D.M. (1991) BSc Thesis Biota
Juma, B. (1987) Report Abiota
Kairo, J.G. (1993) MSc Thesis Biota/abiota
Kazungu, J.M. (1986) Report Abiota
Leuci, D. (1995) MSc Thesis Biota
Luhunga, B.Y. (1997) MSc Thesis Biota
Melles, A. (1991) MSc Thesis Biota
Mutua, A.K. (2000) MSc Thesis Abiota
Muylle, J. (2000) MSc Thesis Biota
Mwamsojo, G.U.J. (1994) MSc Thesis Biota
Mwangi, S.N. (1994) MSc Thesis Biota/abiota
Nasirwa, O. et al. (1995) Report Biota
Ndede, R.O. (1998) MSc Thesis Biota
Ntiba, J.M. et al. (1991) Report Biota
Obade, P.T. (2000) MSc Thesis Biota/abiota
Okemwa, E. (1987) Report Biota
Okemwa, E. (1990) PhD Thesis Biota
Okemwa, E. et al. (1991) Report Biota
Okondo, J. (1995) MSc Thesis Biota/abiota
Osore, M.K.W. (1994) MSc Thesis Biota/abiota
Oteko, D. (1987) Thesis Abiota
Polk, P. (1986) Report Biota/abiota
Polk, P. et al. (1993) Report Biota/abiota
Poppe, B. (1997) Thesis Biota
Pratiwi, R. (1995) MSc Thesis Biota/abiota
Rao, R.G. (1991) MSc Thesis Biota
Reid, A. (2002) MSc Thesis Biota
Roels, T. (1998) MSc Thesis Biota
Ruwa, R.K. (1987) Report Biota
Samyn, Y. (1995) MSc Thesis Biota
Schallier, R. (1993) MSc Thesis Biota/abiota
Schrijvers, J. (1991) Thesis summary Biota/abiota
Schrijvers, J. (1996) PhD Thesis Biota/abiota
Silence, J. (1993) BSc Thesis Biota
Steyaert, M. (1993) MSc Thesis Biota/abiota
Vackier, I. (1993) MSc Thesis Biota
Van Avermaet, P. (1990) BSc Thesis Biota
Van den heede, C. (1994) MSc Thesis Biota
Van Hout, T. (1998) MSc Thesis Biota
Van Waeyenberge, J. (1994) Thesis Biota
Van Zele, M. (1992) MSc Thesis Biota
Vanhove, S. (1990) MSc Thesis Biota/abiota
Verellen, A. (1990) MSc Thesis Biota
Vermin, W. (1998) BSc Thesis Biota
Verneirt, M. (1994) MSc Thesis Biota/abiota
Verstraete, H. (1993) MSc Thesis Biota
Wakwabi, E.O. (1999) PhD Thesis Biota
Wakwabi, E.O. et al. (1991) Report Biota
Wamukoya, G. (1987) Report Biota
Wawiye, O. (1995) MSc Thesis Biota