Table 1 List of data tables retrieved from MRIQC-WebAPI.

From: Crowdsourced MRI quality metrics and expert quality annotations for training of humans and machines

Filename Size Description
bold.csv 71 MB IQMs and metadata of BOLD images (unique records)
bold_curated.csv 162 MB Same as bold.csv, after curation and checksum matching
T1w.csv 79 MB IQMs and metadata of T1w images (unique records)
T1w_curated.csv 110 MB Same as T1w.csv, after curation and checksum matching
T2w.csv 1.1 MB IQMs and metadata of T2w images (unique records)
T2w_curated.csv 1.7 MB Same as T2w.csv, after curation and checksum matching
rating.csv 131 kB Manually assigned quality annotations
  1. The following datasets are available at FigShare20. The < name > _curated.csv file versions correspond to the original tables after matching checksums to images in publicly available databases (and further curation as shown in