Table 3 Contents of _events.tsv file for the MEG auditory task data.

From: A 204-subject multimodal neuroimaging dataset to study language processing

MEG task-auditory
type origin interpretation
Nothing presentation log file -onset time of first word
-onset of ‘target’ word
-end of wav-file
Pause presentation log file onset of a pause between blocks
Picture presentation log file -onset of fixation cross on the screen with intended duration.
-onset of question with identity of the question, matching the question in the stimuli presentation code.
-onset of mini-block condition
-onset of a blank screen
Quit presentation log file final event, when experimenter pressed the ‘quit’-button on the presentation PC.
Response presentation log file button press by subject
Resume presentation log file experiment resumes after pause
Sound presentation log file start of an audio wav-file. The value contains the identity of the wav-file used. This corresponds to the files in the stimuli folder of the data collection
UPPT001 MEG trigger channel event logged by digital trigger channel. Integer value reflects the nature of the event (see Table 7)
UPPT002 MEG response channel button press by subject
frontpanel trigger MEG trigger channel irrelevant historic remnant
trial MEG data header irrelevant historic remnant