Supplementary Fig. 4: Assembly of ignition module. | Nature Protocols

Supplementary Fig. 4: Assembly of ignition module.

From: Biomimetic smoking robot for in vitro inhalation exposure compatible with microfluidic organ chips

Supplementary Fig. 4

a. Ignition Main Body is 3d-printed. b. Carriage, rail, and linear actuator are mounted onto main body. c. NiChrome wire is coiled onto ceramic rod, which is then mounted into machined Teflon cylinder, using two screws to hold its place. Shoulder screw is screwed through Ignition Holder into center of Teflon cylinder. Another shoulder screw with a compression spring connects the Ignition Holder to the Ignition Main Body. d. Shoulder screws are aligned through slotted holes on lever, connecting the carriage and linear actuator to the main body of the ignition module. e. Assembled ignition module is mounted onto the Base Frame Assembly via. M6 screws and wingnuts. The NiChrome wire should be able to touch against the tip of a cigarette when linear actuator is fully actuated.

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