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Supplementary Figure 10: Two ENST ID lists.

From: Pipelines for cross-species and genome-wide prediction of long noncoding RNA binding

Supplementary Figure 10

The two ENST ID lists are the inputs of the M:N case of genome-wide prediction shown in Supplementary Figure 9. These Ensembl ENST IDs are differentially expressed lncRNA transcripts and differentially expressed protein-coding transcripts from an RNA-seq analysis we made that compare the gene expression in 12 human colorectal cancer tissues with the gene expression in 3 normal colorectal tissues (unpublished observations [Sha He, Yujian Wen, Hao Zhu]). These transcripts were assembled using reads of RNA-seq by the StringTie program (Nat. Biotechnol. 33, 290–295; 2015) and differential expression was determined by the EdgeR program (Genome Biol. 17, 75; 2016).

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