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Extended Data Fig. 2: Workflow of data analysis.

From: Reply to: Acetyl-CoA is produced by the citrate synthase homology module of ATP-citrate lyase

Extended Data Fig. 2

Particle symmetry expansion, particle subtraction and autorefinement on the CSH-tetramer + ASH monomer. (a) Generation of ACLY-E599Q–ATP–citrate–CoA (PDB 7LJW/EMD-23387) is shown as an example. (b) FSC curves illustration the improvement of ASH domain following local refinement in cryospac. The local resolution of the ASH domain was improved from 3.93.0 Å to 3.3–3.0 Å. Although the local resolution map for ACLY–OAA–acetyl-CoA (PDB 7LJ9/EMD-23389) showed a more modest improvement (4.0–2.8 Å to 3.9–2.7 Å), the map showed clearer density for the acetyl-CoA and OAA ligands (Fig. 1).

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