Cytoskeletal cryptography: structure and mechanism of an eraser

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The ‘tubulin code’, a set of post-translational modifications to the microtubule cytoskeleton that include removal of the C-terminal Tyr of α-tubulin, regulates the biological function of the polymer. Three studies now report structures of VASH1–SVBP and VASH2–SVBP heterodimers and provide insights into how these proteases recognize and cleave the terminal Tyr of α-tubulin.

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Fig. 1: The proteases VASH1–SVBP and VASH2–SVBP erase the ultimate Tyr from α-tubulin.
Fig. 2: Comparative view of active sites of complexes of VASH1–SVBP and VASH2–SVBP plus inhibitor or α-tubulin.


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