Fig. 5: Genesis of ADI-15946. | Nature Structural & Molecular Biology

Fig. 5: Genesis of ADI-15946.

From: Structural basis of broad ebolavirus neutralization by a human survivor antibody

Fig. 5

a, Models showing differences between the ADI-15946 IGL sequence (left) and the mature antibody (wild type, WT, right). GP1 is shown in gray and GP2 in white. b, Comparison of the apparent equilibrium dissociation constant (1/Kdapp; higher value is tighter binding) for binding of ADI-15946 variants (WT, IGL and WT:IGL chimeras) to GPCL to their capacity to neutralize rVSV-EBOV GP infection (1/IC50; higher value is more potent neutralization). c, Heat maps for neutralization of rVSVs bearing ebolavirus GP and GPCL proteins by the indicated ADI-15946 variants.

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