Hot topic in optogenetics: new implications of in vivo tissue heating

A new study by Owen et al. shows that widely used optogenetic light delivery can heat brain tissue and produce changes in neural activity and behavior in the absence of opsins. How will this finding influence experimental design in the optical age of neuroscience?

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Fig. 1: Physiological and behavioral consequences of high intensity light delivery into the striatum.


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D.C.P. is supported by a Graduate Research Fellowship from the National Science Foundation. S.L. is supported by a John P. Stock Faculty Fellowship and Rita Allen Scholarship. This work was supported by grants from NIDA (R01-DA042889), NIMH (R01MH112721), TRDRP (26IP-0035), the Rita Allen Foundation, the Wayne and Gladys Valley Foundation and the Shurl and Kay Curci Foundation.

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Correspondence to Stephan Lammel.

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