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Gene Information eXtension (GIX): effortless retrieval of gene product information on any website

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GIX is available for free without restriction at the Chrome Web Store and the Firefox Add-ons site. Download links, documentation, a tutorial video and source code can be found at


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We are grateful to all members of the Gingras lab for feedback on the extension. We acknowledge funding from the Governments of Canada and Ontario through Genome Canada, Ontario Genomics and the Ontario Research Fund (OGI-139 and RE08-065 to A.-C.G.), the Canadian Institutes of Health Research (Foundation grant FDN143301 to A.-C.G.) and the National Institutes of Health Office of Research Infrastructure Programs (R01OD010929 to M.T. and K. Dolinski). This research was enabled in part by support provided by Compute Canada ( A.-C.G. is the Canada Research Chair in Functional Proteomics and the Lea Reichmann Chair in Cancer Proteomics; M.T. is the Canada Research Chair in Systems and Synthetic Biology.

Author information

J.D.R.K., P.S.-T. and A.-C.G. conceived of the extension. J.D.R.K. wrote the code. M.T. provided input on the extension. J.D.R.K. and A.-C.G. wrote the manuscript with input from P.S.-T. and M.T.

Correspondence to Anne-Claude Gingras.

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The authors declare no competing interests.

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Fig. 1: Screenshot of GIX in the Chrome browser.