Supplementary Figure 3: Example FPbase lineage tree. | Nature Methods

Supplementary Figure 3: Example FPbase lineage tree.

From: FPbase: a community-editable fluorescent protein database

Supplementary Figure 3

Lineage trees integrated throughout the site show mutations and relationships in the directed evolution of fluorescent proteins. This example shows the lineage tree for proteins in the database derived from Entacmaea quadricolor. The input at the top allows the user to search for specific mutations: here the mutations M146T and F174L have been entered, and all proteins possessing both of these mutations are highlighted (amino acid numbering is relative to the root ancestral protein). The graph is interactive: hovering the cursor over an item reveals the mutations used in the generation of that protein from the parental sequence; shown here is the generation of mCardinal from mNeptune2 (S28T/G41Q/S143T).

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