Supplementary Figure 1: COMRADES assay development. | Nature Methods

Supplementary Figure 1: COMRADES assay development.

From: COMRADES determines in vivo RNA structures and interactions

Supplementary Figure 1

a, Reverse transcription stalling assay indicating in vivo crosslinking positions in the human 5.8S rRNA from cells treated with the indicated psoralen derivative. Arrows indicate stalling events; Sequence is shown to the left. b, Bioanalyzer RNA profiles of ZIKV enriched or input RNA from cells inoculated with ZIKV or control non-inoculated cells. c, Enrichment of ZIKV RNA, or a control β-actin RNA measured by TaqMan PCR. Mean and s.d. of 4-5 biologically independent samples is shown. d-e, Non-cropped dot-blots showing enrichment of crosslinked RNA (d) or crosslink reversal (e). PD: pulldown; FT: flow through; Control: non-crosslinked sample; UVC: short wavelength UV. Experiments were repeated independently 3 times (a-e) with similar results.