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Linking gut microbial strains and functions to diabetes in an international population

Although gut microorganisms have been associated with type 2 diabetes, the mechanisms involving specific microbial strains remain unidentified. Now, a comprehensive study has analyzed 8,117 shotgun metagenomes from the USA, Europe, Israel and China, providing cross-population microbial signatures in a strain-resolved manner and new mechanistic insights into type 2 diabetes.

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Fig. 1: An international study of the gut microbiome and T2D.


  1. Qin, J. et al. A metagenome-wide association study of gut microbiota in type 2 diabetes. Nature 490, 55–60 (2012). This paper is one of the earliest population-based studies on the gut microbiome and T2D.

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  2. Forslund, K. et al. Disentangling type 2 diabetes and metformin treatment signatures in the human gut microbiota. Nature 528, 262–266 (2015). This paper reports that early findings on gut microbial features and T2D were confounded by metformin use.

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  3. Scholz, M. et al. Strain-level microbial epidemiology and population genomics from shotgun metagenomics. Nat. Methods 13, 435–438 (2016). This paper introduced pioneering methods for identifying microbial strains and linking them to human health using population metagenomic data, which inspired our strain-resolved analyses.

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  4. Van Rossum, T., Ferretti, P., Maistrenko, O. M. & Bork, P. Diversity within species: interpreting strains in microbiomes. Nat. Rev. Microbiol. 18, 491–506 (2020). This review article presents concepts and methods for studying within-species variation.

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  5. Ma, S. et al. Population structure discovery in meta-analyzed microbial communities and inflammatory bowel disease using MMUPHin. Genome Biol. 23, 208 (2022). This paper introduces the methodology for conducting cross-cohort microbiome studies.

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This is a summary of: Mei, Z. et al. Strain-specific gut microbial signatures in type 2 diabetes identified in a cross-cohort analysis of 8,117 metagenomes. Nat. Med. (2024).

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