Retraction to: Nature Medicine, published online 11 December 2011.

The editors are retracting this article owing to issues that have come to our attention regarding the integrity of several images in the study. In November 2021, Nature Medicine was informed by The Ohio State University that a forensic analysis concluded that data in the shCtr/shEGFR panel (lines miR-30c to miR-101) and the shCtr/shMET panel (lines miR-548d to miR-203) of Figure 1b were identical. Further internal review of all the data in the study by the journal confirmed this finding and identified other instances in which images appear to be used in multiple figure panels, including the beta actin panels in Figure 1a, 1g and 1i, and the GAPDH panels in Figures 4b and 6g. The authors were contacted by the journal and the data they provided did not fully address the concerns raised. On the basis of editorial assessment of the available data, we are of the opinion that the extent of the inaccuracies in the figures undermines full confidence in the study.

The authors Michela Garofalo, Gianpiero Di Leva, Gerard Nuovo, Gerolama Condorelli, Stefano Volinia, Francisca Lovat, and Carlo M. Croce do not agree with this retraction.

The authors Jeffrey A. Engelman, Luciano Cascione, Young-Jun Jeon and Kenneth P. Nephew agree with the retraction.

We did not receive a response from authors Giulia Romano, Apollinaire Ngankeu, Jin Sun, Hansjuerg Alder, Mayumi Ono and Jin Kyung Rho.