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Author Correction: Impact of carbohydrates, fat and energy density on energy intake

The Original Article was published on 01 February 2021

Correction to: Nature Medicine, published online 1 February 2021.

In the version of this article initially published, several values in the table in Fig. 1 were incorrect. The corrections are as follows: for row 7 (Amount of food eaten), in column 2 (Low-carbohydrate), 2,140 g/d is revised to 1,473 g/d, and in column 3 (Low-fat), ‘1,4730’ g/d is revised to 2,140 g/d; for row 9 (Glucose), in column 2, 94.3 mg/dl is revised to 81.3 mg/dl, and in column 3, 81.3 mg/dl is revised to 94.3 mg/dl; for row 10 (β-hydroxy butyrate), in column 2, 0.2 mM is revised to 1.8 mM, and in column 3, 1.8 mM is revised to 0.2 mM; for row 12 (24 hour), in column 2, 2,315 kcal/d is revised to 2,294 kcal/d, and in column 3, 2,149 kcal/d is revised to 2,141 kcal/d; and for row 13 (Physical activity), in column 2, 394 kcal/d is revised to 397 kcal/d, and in column 3, 390 kcal/d is revised to 393 kcal/d. Also, the descriptions of the diets in the title for the Fig. 1 legend (‘plant-based high-carbohydrate’ and ‘animal-based high-fat’) were inconsistent with the table headers. The correct descriptions are ‘plant-based low-fat’ and ‘animal-based low-carbohydrate’. The errors have been corrected in the HTML and PDF versions of the article.

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Stubbs, R.J. Author Correction: Impact of carbohydrates, fat and energy density on energy intake. Nat Med 27, 736 (2021).

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