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Extended Data Fig. 10: Functional assessment.

From: Articular cartilage regeneration by activated skeletal stem cells

Extended Data Fig. 10

a, Schematic of the gait analysis performed on Ad/MF mice. b, Grimace assessment scores for adult mice following MF surgery of the distal femur with 3 treatment conditions (PBS, BMP2, BMP2 + sVEGFR1). Graphs show mean + /- s.e.m. Ordinary one-way ANOVA test (p = <0.0001) with post-hoc analysis using Šídák method to compare between specific means. Exact P values to 2 significant figures. (n = 5 mice per group). c, Gait assessment scores for maximum contact mean intensity with 4 conditions (PBS, BMP2, BMP2 + sVEGFR1, and Uninjured) at 4, 8, and 16 weeks after surgery. (n = 3 mice per group per timepoint).

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