Table 1 Digital technologies used in the COVID-19 pandemic

From: Digital technologies in the public-health response to COVID-19

Public-health needDigital tool or technologyExample of useRefs.
Digital epidemiological surveillanceMachine learningWeb-based epidemic intelligence tools and online syndromic surveillanceWeb-based epidemic intelligence tools: 20,21,22,23,25
Based on social media or online search data: 30,31,32,33
Survey apps and websitesSymptom reporting37,38,48,49
Data extraction and visualizationData dashboard39,40,41,42,43,44,45
Rapid case identificationConnected diagnostic devicePoint-of-care diagnosis58
Sensors including wearablesFebrile symptoms checking51,52,53
Machine learningMedical image analysis65,66
Interruption of community transmissionSmartphone app, low-power Bluetooth technologyDigital contact tracingPaper: 71
Apps: 76,77,78,79
Frameworks: 81,82,83
Mobile-phone-location dataMobility-pattern analysisAnalysis: 84,87,88,89,93
Datasets: 86,90,91,122
Public communicationSocial-media platformsTargeted communication104,107
Online search enginePrioritized information105
Chat-botPersonalized information110
Clinical careTele-conferencingTelemedicine, referral50
  1. Summary of digital technologies deployed in public-health interventions for the COVID-19 outbreak, showing key publications, examples and resources.