Table 1 Composition of the expansion medium and differentiation medium for intestinal organoid culture

From: Infection of bat and human intestinal organoids by SARS-CoV-2

Composition (concentration)Expansion mediumDifferentiation medium
Advanced F12/DMEM++
Wnt3a conditioned medium (50%)a+
Rspondin1 conditional medium (20%)a+
Noggin conditional medium (10%)a+
B27 supplement (1×)++
Nicotinamide (10 mM)+
A8301 (500 nM)++
SB202190 (10 μM)+
hEGF (50 ng ml−1)++
Y-27632 (10 μM)++
hGastrin I (10 nM)++
N-acetylcysteine (1 mM)++
HEPES (10 mM)++
GlutaMAX (2 mM)++
Primocin (50 μg)++
Penicillin–streptomycin (100 U ml−1)++
  1. aPercentage of total volume.