Fig. 2: Polyfunctionality of Gag-specific T cells. | Nature Medicine

Fig. 2: Polyfunctionality of Gag-specific T cells.

From: Combination anti-HIV-1 antibody therapy is associated with increased virus-specific T cell immunity

Fig. 2

T cell cytokine coexpression after HIV-1 Gag peptide pool stimulation was evaluated in bNAb + ATI individuals by ICS and analyzed using combination gates. a, Coexpression of CD107A, IFN-γ, MIP1-β and TNF-α in CD8+ T cells. b, Coexpression of CD40L, IFN-γ, IL-2 and TNF-α in CD4+ T cells. Box-and-whisker plots show median values (line), 25th to 75th percentiles (box outline) and minimum and maximum values (whiskers); n = 9 (weeks −2, 6/7 and 12) and n = 7 (week 18) biologically independent samples from bNAb-treated individuals with suppressed viral load during ATI. P values comparing responses at week 6/7, 12 or 18 versus baseline (week −2) were calculated using a paired two-tailed Wilcoxon test.

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